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Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel ??

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For a unique, exciting, powerful family experience, call
Rabbi Jay Karzen
(Rituals Unlimited)
The Bar Mitzvah King
featured on CNN Sights & Sounds of Israel
Meaningful - Memorable - Inspiring Religious Ceremony regardless of denomination. (observant or non-observant, affiliated or not.)

Services may be held at:
  • Western Wall (Kotel) -- Best location guaranteed
  • Southern Wall Steps -- Highly recommended alternate location
  • Masada
  • Synagogues
    Rituals Unlimited can provide you with the following:
    • Religious service only
    • or
    • "Simcha Package" including Video cassette (fully titled), photo album of 100 pictures with client keeping all negatives, luncheon/dinner, entertainment/music -- any amenity to make this a "worry-free" happening!
    • We have handled over 2,000 Bar Mitzvah ceremonies; we specialize in making them all religious milestones.
    Extra Tallit, Tefillin, Hebrew/English prayerbooks, skullcaps -- even candy to throw at the celebrant -- are provided as part of our full V.I.P. service.

    Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies also our speciality !!!!
    Contact us for our comprehensive explanatory brochure.
    See below for our address, fax and phone numbers.
    Weddings and Anniversary Remarriage Ceremonies and all other Simcha occasions professionally handled by Rituals Unlimited and Rabbi Jay Karzen.

    Rabbi Karzen is an American ordained Rabbi, and served in the Chicago area before making Aliyah to Israel.
    Don't have a Simcha in Israel without consulting us first.

    Rabbi Karzen is also the author of the humorous anthology
    which is available from the author and in leading bookstores
    E-mail us below for more information!

    See Rabbi Karzen talk about his book on TV:

    Rabbi Jay Karzen
    Rituals Unlimited
    1 Diskin Street
    Jerusalem, Israel
    Phone: (011) 972 2 563-1018
    Fax: (011) 972 2 567-2068

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